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Recycling Pays Off

It's great to be "green" by recycling paper, plastic bottles, and other items.  At Horace Mann, recycling has paid off in another way.  Our school collects used toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, and cell phones and submits them to a program call the Funding Factory.  When we send items in, we are awarded points based on what we send in and how much we send it.  We recently accumulated enough points to earn a new digital camera for the school.  The camera arrived a couple of days ago and can be used by teachers to use in their classrooms.  Perhaps teachers will take the camera on a field trip or document some of fun classroom activity.  Teachers will surely come up with a variety of ways to take advantage of another digital camera at school.

If you have used printer cartridges or cell phones at home, bring them to school and drop them off in the office.  There are collection boxes on or near the counter.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Recycling helps the earth because it could save animals, it could save birds, puppies and all kinds of them. A lot of the animals that recycling helps to save are the ocean animals. There are a lot of animals in the ocean that mistake trash for food. They're eating things that we could be recycling. Check out this video:

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