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A Great Experience and Autographed Books

If you've been to library the past couple of days, you might have noticed a substitute, not me, Mr. Lehman. That's because I've been in Washington DC at the School Library Journal Leadership Summit. The event's tagline is "The New Age of Reading - Digital, Network, and Transliterate. In addition to being surrounded by school librarians from around the country, many authors and illustrators were on hand , including award winning author Brian Selznick, who delivered the keynote on Thursday. In addition to talking about his new book, he spoke about the writing process and how he does his research for the books he writes. He even shared some of the pages from his rough draft, full of marks and suggestions from his editor. He is going to put those online so students can see that "professional authors" go through many drafts and rewrites before coming up with a final product. Did you know it took him over two years to write and illustrate his latest book? As a special surprise to everyone, we got a autographed copy of his latest book, Wonderstruck. There were several other authors and illustrators on hand as well and I'll be bringing back about 8 new books, all signed by the author, to add to our collection. Below is a picture of me with author Michael Dahl. We have many of his books in our library.

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