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SLJ's Best Book Awards

One of part of the school librarian's job is to continuously add new materials to the collection.  Selecting the right books for our library can be a rather time consuming job.  There a lot of book review websites, publisher catalogs, and library publications that must be sifted through.  Luckily, most of the information can be found online, which saves a lot of time sifting through book catalogs.  If you ever walk past the library when there are no classes, I can often be found sitting in front of my computer.  I'm usually checking out book review websites, reading blogs and articles written by other school librarians, or putting together the next book order.  Recently, I came across several "Best Book" lists from School Library Journal.  School Library Journal (SLJ) is one of the most trusted resources for school librarians.  Many of the titles on the lists are already part of our collection, but those that are not will soon be ordered if they are age appropriate.  If you'd like to check out those lists yourself, click on the links below.

Best Books of 2010:  Picture Books
Best Books of 2010:  Fiction
Best Books of 2010:  Non-Fiction

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