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Donors Choose is a fantastic website.  Teachers can submit projects/wish lists for their school or classroom to be funded by donors from around the world.  This site has been around for a while and has been pretty successful.  In fact, teachers in California recently got a fantastic surprise regarding their projects.

A Horace Mann project is currently listed and needs your help.  If you donate funds to this project in the next few days, and it can be as small as $5, there is a good chance that the funds will be matched. Scott and Olivia Rofey, a donor family from NYC, will provide a dollar for dollar match for donations made by your family, friends, and other supporters, up to $100,000 or through October 18th - whichever comes first!  Even if the matching funds run out, your donation will certainly help our students.  Let's help get our project funded fully!

Here is where you can find our project and make a donation.

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